Friday, September 17, 2010

Bridalplasty: Wedding Focused Reality Show Gone Too Far?

The E channel is launching a new bridal reality show that takes an extreme approach to wedding makeovers. In the new series, 12 brides, with their engagement rings fresh on their fingers, will move into a house, where they will compete to win plastic surgery procedures in order to look perfect on their big day.

The brides will reportedly meet with a plastic surgeon prior to starting the competition to create a “wish list” of lifts or tucks that they will ultimately vie to have done. The end game of this competition, according to E, will be for the final bride to be revealed to her family, friends, and even her groom at the moment he lifts the veil on the altar, and not a moment before.

Although the show will not be on the air until November, critics have already been rampaging online. The show seeks to provide brides the chance to be the best they can be for their groom on their wedding day, according to the network, but detractors have already labeled the show as grotesque or akin to exploitation. Exploitation is a tricky thing; it implies that the participating women are being taken advantage of in some way, while in actuality they are getting the chance to get something they want.

The main question though, seems to be if reality TV gone has gone too far. In an effort to raise viewer interest and fight for ratings, has the E network crossed the line? Are the views expressed by this show setting a bad example?

Bridalplasty, hosted by former model Shanna Moakler, will air on November 28th at 9pm EST. We’ll be following along, but in the meantime visit us on Facebook and let us know what you think and how far you would go to look your best on the big day.

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