Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding Planning Tip #8: Choosing Your Favors

So the engagement ring has been offered and enthusiastically accepted. Now the planning begins, and just as we have written before, below are a few tips to help on your way to the big day.

Wedding favors are often one of those left over details that you almost forget when planning a wedding, but you wan't feel obligated to supply so that others can remember that this was your day. A favor is supposed to be a little tidbit or treat to thank people for attending, something they can take away from the day and have fun with. Some bridal parties get it right, some do not.

Of the more horrific favors that I have seen are personalized glassware, personalized hall runners, personalized coasters, personalized photo albums… you get the point. These favors only work for extremely close friends or family members for whom this day was almost as special as it was for you, which is almost always a small faction.

So basically nothing personalized that isn't edible. Like I'm going to be at home drinking out of wine glasses with my coworker and husband’s name and wedding date on them? Or god forbid put it on a rug in my hallway. If you're spending the money on it, wouldn't you want people to actually get some use out of them when they leave?

To play it safe, stick to edible favors, like personalized cookies, cellophane wrapped caramel apples for the fall, or cupcakes in the same flavor as your wedding cake. Even if one or two of your guests don’t have much of a sweet tooth, there will be someone at their house that will take care of the goodies. (And if any of them have kids that weren’t able to attend, it’s a sweet treat for them.)

But if you have your heart set on little keepsakes that aren’t perishable, there is a world of them at your fingertips. (The internet has made quick trips to Things Remembered on your lunch break mostly unnecessary.) Soap, card holders, candles, and magnets are always popular ideas with almost unlimited options to match your theme. There are also some non-traditional ideas that have been cropping up; mini lanterns that double as card holders for outdoor weddings, decorative wine stoppers perfect for vineyard weddings, or bottles of local olive oil for guests to enjoy at home.

Whatever you choose for your favor, it will be to commemorate a day that will forever be important to you from here on out. You and your guests will remember it fondly whenever they look upon their favors. But just in case, remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

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