Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wedding Tip # 2: Not Your Grandparent’s Wedding

So the engagement ring is on, and now the planning begins. Maybe themed weddings aren’t your cup of tea, but you still want a cohesive thread for the big day. How about: fun. Just think fun.

In this modern time of changing traditions, not everyone wants a classic cookie cutter wedding reception. Maybe you want to build the kind of atmosphere where people can let their hair down a little, maybe you want to make sure that your guests can let loose, or maybe you’re just really a fan of that YouTube video where they dance down the aisle to Chris Brown’s “Forever.” Whatever your reasons may be, here are some ideas for planning a modern, informal affair.

Start the party off with style, and swap the wedding gown for less formal attire. Try something a little shorter so you can really move around the dance floor, and a little sparkle or sequin will still draw everyone’s eye. Maybe take a step away from white and incorporate your wedding colors, that way you can costume change like a diva and still match your venue.

Much like the descent down the aisle, the grand exit from the reception is a highly photographed moment. Try something a little more original that rice. Birdseed has become a staple for the more animal conscious crowds, but if you want to try something new and still like the idea of “going green” for your affair, try having some eco-friendly confetti on hand for guests to throw. If your big exit will take place at night, have your guests send you off with sparklers. There will be very little clean up involved and the light will look amazing in photos.

Speaking of photography, photo booths are back in style. Setting up a photo booth at the reception is a good way for everybody to get in on the fun, and has the makings of a great scrapbook. If you don’t want to spend the money on a private rental, try making your own. Leave out a Polaroid camera, hang up a backdrop, provide some props, and let your guests get creative.

Remember, the type of party you want, might not be the type your parents wants. And while it is your day, there is on need for grandma to watch your friends taking shots. Consider the concept of an after party, and keep the reception low key for your older guests and families. Look into reserving a suite at your hotel for close friends, or set up a private package at the hotel bar for younger guests who want to keep the party going.

And when picking out your wedding rings, try looking at a bit more modern designs. Traditions are cherished, but plain gold bands aren’t for everyone. Match her engagement ring with a little more sparkle, or let him show his personality with some unique hardware.

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