Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wedding tip #6: A Happily Ever After Wedding

For a woman who has finally gotten that dream engagement ring from her dream man, she can often feel like a princess. And deep down, she wants to continue to feel like a princess on her big day, some brides more than others. If you’re looking for a place to start with the wedding plans, try channeling that dormant sleeping beauty and live out your fantasy with a fairytale themed wedding? Inside all of us there lurks a big kid, and for those of us whose inner child is a little bigger than others, why not.

The first and easiest way to set the fairytale tone for the day is with the dress. Ballgown, or princess style dresses have been popular with brides since the dawn of time it seems. The look is ageless and has become synonymous with “bride” after of centuries of royal weddings. However, perhaps you like the silhouette without all the pomp and circumstance of Princess Diana’s gown. The ballgown bridal style gets reworked every season by popular designers like Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, and recently in demand Monique Lhuillier. The type of flowers you choose can easily set a more romantic tone to the day. Keep in mind that pastels are more often associated with fairytales, and choose a lighter hue bouquet. An ensemble of soft pink roses, lilac colored tulips, and a sprinkle of baby’s breath is a beautiful choice for the spring. Or maybe try white calla lilies and sprigs of light green snapdragons for an unusual mix.

No wedding cake is complete without that those bride and groom figurine’s that sit aloft. But for this special day, try something a little quirkier, like a classic prince and princess pair to decorate the top. Or if miniature people aren’t your thing, consider having a carriage made to scale instead, it’s a little different and sure to be remembered.

Speaking of cakes, the groom’s cake is always another way to have a little non-traditional fun. If your groom is game, make the cake something unique, like a castle or a crown. Or for a more meaningful statement, do a little research and find out if his family has a crest or emblem and have the cake modeled after that. Not only will his family appreciate your choice, but there is something regal about a family crest.

Another traditional fairytale element is the grand exit. If the weather is agreeable when it comes time to leave the reception, why not hop into a horse drawn carriage instead of into a limo? The old fashioned ride is often used for weddings, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one to rent, but imagine how beautiful it will look in pictures. Just remember to have a backup and ask that uncle or family friend to bring his classic model car with him, just in case it rains.

And finally, for the die-hards that want to commit 100%, Walt Disney theme parks offer wedding packages to fairytale fans and couples wanting to immerse themselves in the fantasy. The wedding planning is minimal on your part, so you get to show up, just have fun, and be wedding royalty for the day. After all, nothing embodies the world of fantasy and make-believe more than Disney.

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