Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Tips 10: Five Wedding Trends That Must NOT Continue

Once you receive the engagement ring that you’ve dreams of for years, inevitably your mind will turn towards the planning phase. And everyone wants that special element or idea that makes your day unique and memorable. But some people go too far. Here are the top five wedding trends to be avoided in 2010, from the annoying to the outrageous:

  • Dogs as Attendants
Yes, he is man’s best friend, yes everyone loves dogs, and yes you may actually get a buttoner on him somewhere. But none of that changes the fact that he is an animal. Inevitably someone will try to dress him up and he will not enjoy the top hat. Plus even the most supportive of bridesmaids will not want to be in charge of the poop baggies during the reception.

  • Bridal Botox
Lately there has been an unsettling wave of pre-wedding plastic surgery trends cropping up. From the brides that try to cosmetically perfect themselves for the big day, to the crazy insistence that bridesmaids get Botox treatments, somewhere the idea of looking your best and looking like someone else is getting blurred. Even in the most modern sense, the “something new” a bride carries down the aisle shouldn’t be her nose.

  • The Wedding Procession Dance
Speaking of going down the aisle, has everyone seen the YouTube video of the couple that had their wedding party dance their way to the altar to the tune of Chris Brown’s “Forever?” It was really cute. But the 50 other couples that did it too, following in the wake, were not cute. As I’ve said before, an original is only an original when it is done the first time. Dancing your way down the aisle may seem unique, but it’s been done before.

  • Retail Venues
Believe it or not, USA Today ran a story about the growing trend of couples who want their wedding in places like Taco Bell, White Castle, and T.J. Maxx. There have also been two separate reported stories of couples who spent so much time at Home Depot, they got married there. I don’t know when, why, or how this idea came into fruition, but having your wedding in one of these places does not ensure the kind of classy affair you want to invite your grandmother to. If you do choose to go this route, your wedding will indeed be remembered, but who wants to be the next Harold and Kumar of White Castle?

  • Bridal Diapers
Yes, on the most basic level, is the most technical way, this product makes sense. Almost any bride will tell you that the layers of crinoline, taffeta, and satin make it almost impossible to use the toilet on your big day. And yes there is normally a copious amount of champagne being passed around. But there has got to be a better way than wearing a diaper under your dress. The wedding industry nets profits in the billions per year, so there are always new ideas, trends, and inventions that are being thought up to jump on the bandwagon. But the idea of a diaper specifically designed for a bride to wear is gross at best and disturbing at worse. No matter how you dress it up, a diaper is still a diaper; a receptacle for waste. Under your dress.

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