Friday, October 1, 2010

Beware Bridezillas: Five Common Wedding Mistakes

So you finally have your perfect diamond engagement ring on that special third finger, and now all you can think about is your special day, just don’t take it too far. Some people scoff at the existence of Bridezillas, of like to believe that they themselves could never turn into one. But they’re here and you can, so watch your step. Here are a couple common missteps that can cause un-needed stress and how to avoid them and the possibility of turning into a self-centered bride.

 It’s not all about you
In that same vein, make sure to include your groom as much as possible. Yes you have been planning this day since you were just a little girl, and yes he may not be too vocal in his opinions, but if he has something to say, listen. And don’t just listen but consider it as well, just because he may not want you to read out loud from bridal magazine’s every night, doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple party ideas he wants to throw your way. After all, there are two of you in this relationship.

Everyone makes mistakes, order extra
If you’re planning on addressing all of your invitations by hand, just to give them that personal look, you are bound to get a couple wrong. No matter how careful you are, and how hard you concentrate, the law of addresses is going to get you eventually. Plus, as you come down to the wire, as most people usually do, you’ll be in a scramble to hurry. Be on the safe side and order 25 to 30 extra envelopes, you may not use them all, but better safe than sorry.

Not enough hours in the day
Too many times the phrase “If you want something done right, do it yourself,” gets tossed around when planning your wedding. And if you tend to micromanage, loosening the reins is a tough thing to do, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Make sure to delegate as much as you can to your bridal party so you don’t drive yourself crazy with all those little details that don’t need to be handled firsthand. Remember, this is what your bridesmaids are for and what your mother lives for.

Money doesn’t grow on trees
First thing every couple should determine is a budget. The second this every couple should do is stick to it. Too often you hear brides say that they have found their perfect dress, but it is twice the price you wanted to pay. Don’t catch yourself saying, “I’ll just have to cut back on other areas.” Nobody wants a cranky mother-in-law with an empty stomach because the buffet ran out of food. And cash bars are tacky. As Shakespeare famously penned, “What’s in a name? A rose by any other word would smell just as sweet.” Consider looking for a designer knock off instead of the expensive original, or opting for something else altogether. Looking back and remembering the good times for years to come, is priceless.

Loose lips sink ships
It’s easy to get caught up in the planning of your wedding and wanting to share every detail of the big day. But keep in mind that not everyone wants to hear what napkins you chose, your conversation with the baker on fondant versus buttercream, or how many centerpieces you looked at before choosing. But more importantly, leave a little to the imagination. Make sure there is an element of surprise when it comes to certain things. After all, there can’t be a wow factor if your guests already got a play by play for the day.

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