Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gossip Girl mother and socialite Lily Van Der Woodson

On the set of the hit television series, “Gossip Girl,” mother and socialite Lily Van Der Woodson may have just exchanged wedding rings with her childhood sweetheart, but off-screen her love suffered a bit of a rough patch over the past year.

But despite a messy public divorce and ensuing custody case, actress Kelly Rutherford seems to have come out on top. Jewelry designer Monica Rich Kosann has just named Rutherford as the new face of her line through the spring of 2011.

While it’s true the blonde beauty did not become a household name until her portrayal of Serena’s mom on “Gossip Girl,” Rutherford previously played a title role in the original “Melrose Place” in the ‘90s and had a brief stint with Benjamin Bratt and Dennis Hopper in the short lived “E-Ring” on NBC.

Rutherford will appear in a magazine campaign throughout the next year, splitting her time between her new modeling gig and her charitable efforts, which include work with the (RED) campaign, the Step Up Women’s Network, and Healthy Child Healthy World.

I for one, couldn’t be happier for Rutherford after the tumultuous year she had. Let’s just hope this doesn’t take away from her time onset, because I think we call all agree that there is nothing better than a little “Gossip Girl” drama.


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