Monday, October 18, 2010

Star of David in a Diamond

The Star of David, the symbol of the Jewish faith, has been found inside of an 8.53 carat, polished diamond. The television station, Hidabroot, was given an exclusive on the phenomenon and has released a YouTube video detailing the discovery.

Although the owner wishes to remain anonymous, he has shared with “Israel National News” that after being examined by experts was told; “if this is natural, go buy a Mercedes.” The massive diamond which is rich in hydrogen, causing a yellowish green tint, is, in fact, believed to be natural.

Like many others, a relative of the owner, upon first viewing the diamond, believed it to be synthetic or man-made, but claims that the owner has had it inspected by leading gemology labs in the U.S. and Zurich. The YouTube video reports that both Gem Tech and the GIA have both graded the diamond and have determined it to be a natural.

Yehudah Yecker, the Senior Gemology expert at the G.C.A has told reporters that the inclusion, which is a technical term for a cloud in a diamond, is unusual as it “follows the structure of the formation growth of the crystals.”

The story of the diamond began two years ago during the global economic downturn, when a relative of the owner found work polishing raw stones from South America. As he began polishing the last two remaining stones yet to be sold, he began to see the iconic religious formation, and claims that the more he polished it, the more clearly the Star of David appeared.

The anonymous owner has made it clear in media reports that the diamond is not for sale, and will remain locked away in a safe for its protection, but released news of its release in the hopes of promoting Judaism.

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