Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Twist and Turns of a Modern Engagement Ring Design

Twisted, or braided shanks, are rapidly gaining in popularity with younger couples for its modern twist on traditional styles. A twisted shank occurs when the band of the ring is split into two separate parts and delicately twisted over each other to create the look of a loose braid. But the real beauty of a twisted shank is its ability to transform a traditional engagement ring into something just a little bit more whimsical and imaginative.

The practicality behind a split shank has always been to offer more support to a slightly larger center stone, aside from providing an interesting look. A twisted shank is a variation of the split shank that still allows you stability but also shows a designer’s creativity.

Verragio’s Venetian collection is meant to encapsulate the delicate elements of old-world lace Italian lace, and no other style could compliment a twisted shank better. The Venetian 5005R-2 features a Brilliant Round halo that surrounds a Round cut diamond center stone, but the true elegance is hidden underneath the band. Like all of the Venetian collection, this ring has the delicate detailing and antique beading, for which this collection was inspired, under the band and against the finger. By adding the twisted shank above, it continues the play of intricate folds of metal, blending seamlessly into the design.

But a twisted shank in any style is unique enough to stand on its own as the main design feature of a ring. Verragio’s Eterna 4017 wedding band is the perfect example of how to feature a twisted shank solo; the back and forth of the precious metal creates a look all its own and is an interesting departure from the traditional plain wedding band if you’re looking for something a little more ornate. This particular ring features pave’ set Round cut diamonds on the entire surface of the ring, inviting light to dance along the curves and catch the eye.

If twisted shanks are your new favorite look for an engagement ring, make sure to keep an eye out and see if there are any available for Verragio’s 10-10-10 contest on Facebook.  Hurry, there’s one week down and nine more to go.

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