Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Want to see the entire Verragio engagement ring collection? Come to a Verragio Trunk Show

Two of the most common questions that the Verragio Concierge receives on any given day are a) “There was an engagement ring of yours that I fell in love with a long time ago, but now that I am ready to get engaged I no longer see it on your website. Can I still order it?” And b) There is a ring on your website that I am interested in, but I haven’t been able to find to see it in person. How can I view it?”

The easy answer to both of these problems is to come to a Verragio Trunk Show, and in the next two weeks we are hosting four of these special events across the country.

Interestingly enough, trunk shows have always been particularly popular in the bridal industry and were aptly named for the trunks that the gowns were brought in. We don’t bring our rings in trunks, but we certainly bring a selection.

The purpose of our trunks shows is to bring together the new and the old, rings from our latest line as well as older styles you may not have seen before. It brings a wider selection of Verragio rings to one of our authorized retailer that you may have been to before but didn’t see exactly what you wanted.

Another added bonus to visiting an authorized retailer during one of our trunk shows is that there is always a Verragio representative on hand to answer any questions or talk over any concerns you may have. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, owner and designer Barry Verragio may be there to personally tell you about his designs.

“Verragio trunk shows are an invaluable asset for me,” Verragio said. “There is no better venue to have direct contact with the end consumer and get firsthand feedback on exactly what they are looking for. In the end, you are playing an essential role in one of the most momentous occasions in their lives, their wedding. You will forever be a part of their memories.”

Our next trunk show will be on October 16th at Karats Jewelers in Overland Park, Kansas, and up next will be the 22nd, an especially big day for us. On that day we will be at three different locations; HL Gross & Bro. Jewelers in Garden City, New York, Genesis Diamonds in Nashville, Tennessee, and even as far as Canada at Grandis Jewelers in Petrolia, Ontario.

So if you and your loved one are gearing up to make that ultimate commitment, visit us on the 16th or the 22nd at one of those locations to view our collection of engagement rings and let us be part of your big day. After all, there is nothing we love more at Verragio than a great love story.

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