Friday, October 1, 2010

Wedding Planning Tip: Be Unique! Try a Rock 'n' Roll Wedding

So you’ve finally received an engagement ring from your perfect guy, now the planning begins. You want something unique that speaks to your style, but everything too traditional is leaving you a bit cold. You’re not too into theme weddings, but need a common thread? Try a Rock 'n' Roll wedding to incorporate some of your style.

There’s nothing that says you have to bite the head off of a bird at your reception to be Rock 'n' Roll, rather the idea of rock has always been a spirit of rebellion and individuality. So if the more traditional weddings you have been to just aren’t your style, a rock wedding may be for you. Below are a few tip on how to do it with class.

If the school of rock had colors, they would be black and red, which is perfect for planning a more gothic themed affair, and the possibilities are endless. Red roses would make a stark contrast to black and white tables. Dark red looks good on almost anyone, so there will be less resentful bridesmaids to worry about, but still is manly enough to add a touch of color to the groom.

Keeping in line with the same color scheme, add some finishing touches with your reception décor. Black chandeliers can be a bold and memorable statement, or if you’d rather have something a little more romantic, try loads of candles for a softer look. A plain white wedding cake with will make a little black piping or decoration pop, and will look amazing next to the red roses when you take pictures. If you’re stuck on wedding favor ideas too, mini black photo frames are great for gifts and can double as nameplates at the table.

The easiest way to display your rock mentality is obviously the first dance as man and wife, there are decade’s worth of rock n roll ballads to choose from. But consider taking it one step farther and incorporate your musical inclinations at the beginning of your ceremony with the walk down the aisle. There is a new trend of non-traditional wedding processions or dances being performed in lieu of the wedding march. No need to dance, but what would pump you up better, or make you feel better right before you exchange your wedding rings

Individual Style
Rock has always celebrated the individuality of a person unwilling to conform, so transfer that spirit to your wedding look. Stop worrying that you and your groom won’t match and just be yourselves. If he isn’t comfortable in a “monkey suit” let him wear jeans with his jacket and tie, or if all he sees is his father staring back at him in the reflection of his patent leather shoes; let him wear his converse.

As for you, just because your mother wore white, doesn’t mean you have to also. Modern brides don’t shy away from color; in fact many more brides are embracing a sash or flash of color these days. No Doubt front woman, Gwen Stefani wore a bright pink custom-made gown when she married rocker Gavin Rossdale in 2002, and there’s nobody more enduringly rock n roll than Stefani.

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