Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Theme: A Different Way to Exchange Wedding Rings

Kansas City couple, KaRee Karnes and Richard Peterson share a love of two things; Halloween and the Kansas City Chiefs. So when planning their wedding, it seems like the two decided to forgo tradition and combine their passions.

Karnes and Peterson exchanged wedding rings outside of the Arrowhead stadium right before Sunday’s game, and since it was also Halloween, the couple, who was reported on by ABC, decided to go in costume. The bride wore a black witch’s costume while the groom and the groomsmen dressed up in Chief’s gear. It was exactly the wedding the pair has planned since the moment Peterson presented an engagement ring to Karnes, and the only thing left to wish for, Karnes told ABC news, was a win.

But Karnes and Peterson were not the only coupled to tie the knot on Halloween, as it has in fact, not as unique as one might think. Modern couples are shying away from the traditional types of western weddings that include all the pomp and circumstance of wedding marches and white dresses. And in the effort to create more unique, fun, and memorable affairs, we have seen a rash of couples celebrating their individual styles with Halloween weddings this year.

U.K. couple Annalee Johnson and Shaun Bown asked their wedding guests to participate by wearing costumes to the ceremony, reports U.K. new source, The Star. The bride decided to go as a victim of Jack the Ripper, a famous British serial killer, and wore a lacy Victorian style, Black and Green gown. The groom surprised Johnson by showing up in full goulish makeup. The couple, who has always loved the idea of a themed wedding, and Halloween made sense since they put more effort into that holiday than any other, including Christmas.

However, the award for the most Halloween-inspired effort should go to Jessica Dwyer and Walter Braun II from Ohio. Dwyer, dressed in a black dress and matching veil was driven to Squire’s Castle by the headless horseman, complete with pumpkin head and horse drawn carriage.

Not to be outdone, Braun had his groomsmen double as pallbearers who carried him into the castle in a casket. Guests at the ceremony who were also asked to participate included monks, convicts, and Cruella De Vil, according to Ohio’s The Morning Journal.

The couple, who told reporters that their creative streak comes from the fact that they are really just kids at heart, originally considered a Star Wars themed wedding before deciding on Halloween.

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