Monday, November 1, 2010

Round Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Simply Brilliant

First originating in the early 1800’s, the Round cut diamond shape has been modified throughout the years to produce the most brilliant sparkle possible, and today is the most popular choice for engagement rings.

The Round cut produces a classic style that is favored by many celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, who sports a unique diamond engagement ring. Hudson began sporting her engagement ring shortly after her husband proposed on her 27th birthday. The platinum engagement ring features a double halo of Round diamonds surrounding a 5 carat Round cut center diamond.

Verragio’s 5007R-4 from the Venetian Collection, also features a unique halo design encircling a Round cut diamond center, and pave’ set diamonds on the split shank, much like Hudson’s. But with all that bling, you won’t feel a moment’s remorse for not having a 5 carat diamond yourself.

Although a Round cut diamond can be slightly more expensive than a Princess cut, which is also the second most popular, it is a very sought after cut for a solitaire engagement ring. Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian supermodel, hardly needs extra embellishment, so when her husband Tom Brady popped the question in 2008, he gave her a classic clean solitaire. The ring features a 4 carat Round cut center stone set into four prongs on a platinum band worth around $100,000.

Verragio’s Insignia 7022 engagement ring also boasts a clean, classic solitaire design. Set into four prongs and placed onto an unadorned band, this ring is reminiscent of the one Bundchen currently wears, but with a Verragio twist. The 7002, since it is from the Insignia collection, features the signature scrolling design inside the band, adding just a little extra, subtle flair.

But just because Round cut diamonds are considered classic, that doesn’t mean they can’t be modern too. Although it sounds like a contradiction, Carmen Electra pulls off exactly that look perfectly. Always known to have a little bit of a Rock n Roll edge to her, Electra currently wears a 3 carat, Round cut black diamond center stone worth $65,000. In 2008 when Electra debuted her engagement ring, she told People magazine that the colored diamond center was different but perfect for her.

The Round cut style of engagement rings may be a traditional design, but just like Electra proved, that doesn’t mean it can’t reflect your slightly edgier style too. The beauty of a custom made engagement ring is that every woman can feel like hers is a one-of-a-kind, even if it has been around since the 1800’s.

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