Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Engagement Made in Reality TV?

He has been called one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, she is a dancing darling thanks to her time on dancing with the stars, and together they have become one of the most talked about reality couples around. And they don’t even have a reality show.

Best known for his duties on American Idol, radio host and television producer Ryan Seacrest has constantly been seen in the company of Julianne Hough since the couple began dating earlier this summer.

The couple has been trying to keep things very low key, but the couple once again finds themselves defending against rumors of an engagement ring. The first time was an early October interview with Entertainment Tonight, where Hough was asked about rumors that Seacrest had proposed.

In her typical classy way, Hough good naturedly laughed it off. “Well, that's news to me,” she told interviewer. “And I think it's news to him.”

Despite a 13 year age difference, the relationship has seemed to heat up lately, after the couple was spotted spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Paris, igniting a fresh round of wedding rumors. And while neither has jumped to deny the gossip that claims Seacrest secretly gave an engagement ring to Hough while traveling abroad, Hough’s brother Derek recently spoke to about rumors.

Derek, also a professional dancer and this season’s Dancing with the Star champion for his work with actress Jennifer Grey assured the magazine’s website that there was no diamond ring on his sister’s finger.

"I haven't heard anything,” he told “And I am sure I would have it if were true.”

The dancer also addressed the couple’s age difference, telling the website that he did think she was a bit young for such a commitment, he also said he would show his support either way.

“We are all very supportive, and as long as she is happy that is what matters," he said.

Hough herself, who is currently set to star in the remake of the movie “Footloose,” hasn’t been seen wearing an engagement ring lately, so it’s probably safe to assume that for now this couple is diamond pending.

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