Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Tip #1: Retro Chic

Wedding Tip #1: Retro Chic

Now that you have found the perfect engagement ring, the planning begins. If you’re looking for something to make your special day especially yours, try weaving a subtle vintage theme throughout the details of the affair.

The explosive popularity of the television series Mad Men continues to influence today’s pop culture and Retro is a hot trend for the fall. It can also offer a unique style to a home spun wedding or simply add some old-school style to the reception.

If you’re feeling extra inspired or daring, choose a tea length wedding dress, or see if your grandfather still has that old tuxedo in his closet. Make it your own with new shoes and accessories to give it a more modern take and avoid playing dress up.

Or try having a cookie bar to accompany your wedding cake. Not only is it a good alternative for the kids, but it is the perfect excuse to decorate the dessert table with retro-style milk bottles. It will be a unique touch, reminiscent of the days when milk was delivered to your doorstep.

For weddings held outdoors, try lighting the walkway with antique lanterns to help give the setting a country feel. Tie ribbons around the bottom in your wedding colors to add a more personal touch.

And for those who are die hard fans of a retro themed wedding, get going from the very start by selecting a vintage inspired engagement ring. The single solitaire diamond concept with a modern twist is perfect for the bride who wants a little flare with this timeless style.

Quickie Weddings Sometimes Last a Lifetime

Quickie Weddings Sometimes Last a Lifetime

The internet is, once again, abuzz over rumors that Pop Star Britney Spears may be slipping an engagement ring on that busy left hand.

While representation for Spears has yet to comment on the validity of the news that she is planning a small ceremony to wed boyfriend and former Manager, Jason Trewick, this could be the third trip down the aisle for Spears.

Spears’s second marriage to former dancer Kevin Federline, which lasted two years and produced two children, was constantly the subject of media speculation. However, her first marriage made just as big a splash.

In 2004, after a night out in Las Vegas, Spears married her childhood friend, Jason Alexander. The marriage only lasted 55 hours before it was annulled and chalked up to a bad decision made with probably more than a little outside influence.

Even before Spears made headlines that January though, Las Vegas has always been synonymous with quickie weddings and quickie divorces. But in the spirit of wishing Spears well on her latest marital venture, and in the same vein as the current trend of celebrity weddings, here’s a look at some couples that exchanged wedding rings in Sin City, and are still going strong.

Actress and talk show host Kelly Ripa married her then costar, Mark Consuelos, at the Chapel of Bells in 1996. The two met on the set of “All My Children” where they were both stars on the popular soap opera. Since their wedding 14 years ago, they have had three children and are reportedly still going strong.

Movie star and legendary handsome man, Paul Newman, married Academy Award winning actress Joanne Woodward in Las Vegas in 1958, and the two remained married until his death in 2008. When asked about fidelity during a now famous interview with Playboy, Newman responded “I have steak at home. Why would I go out for a Hamburger?”

And last, but certainly not least, classic movie star Kirk Douglas slipped on his own wedding ring when he married his wife, Anne Buydens in a Vegas ceremony in 1954. Not only is theirs considered one of the longest successful Hollywood marriages, but good news for Spears, it was also not his first. Douglas was married once before Buydens and also had two sons, most notably movie star Michael Douglas.

There have been other couples that have also opted for low-key Vegas weddings recently, keeping the tradition alive. So although Spears’s Vegas wedding may have just been a late-night mistake, plenty of others have stood the test of time.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Bachelor Love Connection

Another Bachelor love connection

The ABC reality franchise, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, continues to crank out the happy couples.

Jesse Csincsak and Ann Lueders exchanged wedding rings during a ceremony for friends and family in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The couple, who were originally on different seasons of The Bachelor and its sister show, is expecting their first child next year, and couldn’t be happier to finally be married. Csincsak told Us Magazine that he had waited his whole life to be married to Lueders, and wanted to just enjoy their lives together.


Csincsak presented Lueders with a princess cut diamond engagement ring, reportedly worth $220,000 on an island off of Lake Eerie after the two met on a reunion cruise for the television series.

The wedding was attended by more of the show’s alum, including recent newlyweds Jason and Molly Mesnik.

So it looks like Leuders might not have won her season, but she came out on top in the end.

Engagement Rings and Other Murky Areas: Should the man surprise the woman with an engagement ring of his choice?

Engagement Rings and Other Murky Areas

With so many conflicting ideologies on the do’s and don’ts of proposals in the modern age, there can often be grey areas on what is proper etiquette.

Should the man surprise the woman with an engagement ring of his choice?

In a perfect world, a man would know the woman he is going to marry so well that he will magically pick the engagement ring of her dreams, and genuinely, pleasantly surprise her with that little velvet box. But in the real world, that is not always the case. Remember, this is the ring that will adorn her finger for the rest of your lives, why not begin your marriage as you mean to continue it, together. Surprises are always welcome, but it is perfectly acceptable to include your bride-to-be in the selection process. This will ensure her happiness and cut out the hassle of resizing. But is this proper etiquette? Yes. As times have changed, so have the rules.

Does a man ever wear an engagement ring?

In most cultures, it is only the female that receives an engagement ring to solidify their betrothal, but there have been some notable exceptions.

When international soccer star David Beckham became engaged to his wife Victoria Beckham, he presented her with a 3 carat marquise cut diamond engagement ring, flanked by baguette diamonds on each side. And then presented himself with a matching male counterpart; a band adorned with 7.5 carats worth of diamonds.

Most recently, Canadian singer Michael Buble decided to honor his fiancé, Luisana Lopilato, by wearing an engagement ring of his own. In Argentina, Lopilato’s homeland, it is tradition for the couple to exchange rings for an engagement, much like during the wedding ceremony.

So gentlemen, it is perfectly proper to wear an engagement ring of your own, and can be a beautiful way to display your commitment when your fiancé is not on hand. But sorry Beckham, at least make sure you lady has the bigger diamond.

Who buys the groom’s wedding band?

Here is another tradition that has changed with the times. Traditionally the groom would purchase the engagement ring and subsequently the bride’s wedding band as well. However, unless the groom is planning on using a family heirloom for himself, it was up to the bride to select and purchase his band.

Today it is much more common for the couple to purchase their wedding bands together, just like any other part of the wedding preparations. With so many different styles of wedding bands, who can blame a person for wanting to participate now that the surprise factor is over?

So whether you have the engagement ring, or are just beginning to look, remember that traditions are always changing and nothing is set in stone. Just forget what you should do, and do what you want to do.

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Big winners and beautiful fashion still reign supreme at the 2010 Emmy Awards

Big winners and beautiful fashion still reign supreme at the 2010 Emmy Awards

There were ups and there were downs, there were winners and there were losers, there were some surprises and some no-brainers, and then there was Betty White, so how bad could it have really been? The 2010 Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles last night, bringing out many of the same players, as well as some fresh faces, to the game.

Some old familiars, like The Daily Show and Mad Men, took center stage for their respective categories, but fledgling comedies Glee and Modern Family (with some help from George Clooney) got their share of the spotlight too.

In a surprising twist, Kyra Sedgwick won Beast Actress in a drama series for her role on The Closer. Sedgwick, an award show veteran, looked glamorous when she took the stage to accept her first-ever Emmy in a gown by Monique Lhullier, a designer that seems to be especially popular this summer.

Not so surprisingly, events unfolded quite well for Glee actress Jane Lynch, whose win for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy had been predicted since the nominees were announced. The win was the perfect end to the summer for Lynch, who exchanged wedding rings with her girlfriend Dr. Lara Embry this past May.

Other newlyweds that attended the event included movie start Emily Blunt and True Blood’s Anna Paquin, who is no stranger to accessorizing her engagement ring.

And you may not win a statue for it, but Modern Family’s Sophia Vergara has already been mentioned for the honor of last night’s best dressed, while Mad Men’s Christina Hendrickson, who is normally a red carpet VIP, fell flat.

But not everybody can be the best, and not everybody can be a winner, and sadly not everybody can have a little fun with George Clooney. So for those of us who can’t, I hope you enjoyed watching.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Katy Perry continues her hot streak right down the aisle.

Katy Perry continues her hot streak right down the aisle.

In a new survey performed by One Poll earlier this month, the pop singer’s upcoming wedding to British actor and reformed playboy, Russell Brand, has won the honor of most coveted invitation.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, twenty six percent of the votes went to Perry and Brand, beating out celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, and even British Royal Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

The two have been engaged since Brand presented the songstress with an engagement ring this past New Years Eve while the two vacationed in India.

Although the wedding is rumored to take place later this year, this pair has played things pretty close to the chest. And since we are not likely to score an invitation to this event, we will have to wait, watch, and wonder with the rest of the public.

ABC’s Bachelorette Soon To Be Single No More. Ali Fedotowsky pairs her diamond engagement ring with a designer dress

ABC’s Bachelorette Soon To Be Single No More

Ali Fedotowsky pairs her diamond engagement ring with a designer dress.

The latest bride-to-be from the ABC reality show has revealed that she is leaning towards walking down the aisle in a gown from designer Monique Lhullier.

Fedotowsky, who recently revealed her engagement to Roberto Martinez, also from season six of “The Bachelorette,” told Us Magazine that she likes the “flowiness” of Lhullier’s designs.

Wedding details have begun to leak after Fedotowsky had been seen flashing her diamond engagement ring around town. The ring, that Martinez presented her with on the season finale, is a 3.03 center asscher cut diamond, accented with 184 round cut diamonds. As we have said before.

Asscher cut has become increasing popular around Tinsel Town, and this particular diamond is set onto a platinum band. Other stars, such as Megan Fox, Emily Blunt, and Carrie Underwood have also favored platinum settings during this summer of celebrity weddings.

The two have been rumored to be considering an elopement, as opposed to the wedding they had originally planned, and while Lhullier’s designs are often admired for their simplicity, there is nothing simple about Fedotowsky’s engagement ring. Not that we would begrudge Ali a little sparkle. After all, every bride is entitled to some indulgence and a lot of happiness.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

True Blood's Anna Paquin’s engagement ring comes in second...

Anna Paquin’s engagement ring comes in second.

Shocking news, but the engagement ring isn’t always the diamond that steals the show at a wedding. At least that was the case for real-life True Blood couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. The groom wore black, and the bride wore diamonds. Lots of diamonds.

The Academy Award winning actress walked down the aisle in a simple white halter dress that invoked an image of old Hollywood, which she accessorized with a darkened metal necklace adorned with 50 carats worth of diamonds. The bride reportedly wanted a vintage vibe for her big day, and paired the extravagant piece with a set of matching diamond earrings.

The ceremony, which took place in Malibu on the evening of August 21, was attended by True Blood costar Carrie Preston, Lost star Michael Emerson, and movie star Elijah Wood, among other celebrities. With that much star power, you need to dress to impress. Let’s just hope that the groom’s wedding ring that followed lived up to the opening act.

Here’s one for the expectant grooms to be...Quick guide of some of the more popular diamond cuts to help maximize her happiness

Here’s one for the expectant grooms to be…

So you have found the woman of your dreams. Now all you need is the ring of hers. Here’s a quick guide of some of the more popular cuts to help maximize her happiness.

For the lady who is always in vogue: Engagement ring with Asscher is the way to go. Often called the Royal Asscher, this variation of the classic Emerald cut has gained popularity among the Hollywood set. After an appearance on the television show Sex & The City, the Asscher has been seen on celebrities like Kate Hudson, Elizabeth Hurley, and Jessica Alba. The blocked corners and downward cut creates a hall of mirrors effect that is perfect for a woman that likes to keep up with the trends.

For the lady with a lot of class, but also a little sass: Present her with a Princess ring. We have already extolled the virtues of a Princess before and while its popularity ranks just behind the more common Round, this style is second to none. Since its invention in the 1970’s, the Princess has since become a modern classic. With clean lines that create a square shape, it still retains all the sparkle of a Round. If your love is a modern lady who is just a touch old fashioned, the Princess is a safe bet.

For the lady who has it all: Try a Cushion cut. Not only is this an interesting alternative to a more prevalent Princess cut, but it is relatively rare. This cut is a combination of a round and square cut, crafted to look like a cushion. Whether it is made as a solitaire or paired with other stones, this style is sure to be something her girlfriends don’t have.

And finally, for the lady who is a classic beauty: Make her happy with an Round cut engagement ring. Although it has been around for centuries, the cut was perfected in 1919 and now truly works with any design. Whether it is mounted on its own or surrounded by jewels, a Round cut radiates the most brilliant sparkle. With its 360 degree symmetrical view, this style has stood the test of time. If your fiancé has a vintage sense of self, this style should please her well past your golden anniversary.

So remember; know her personality, know her ring. And make sure to visit us on Facebook to tell us what ring you chose and why.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Tidal Wave Of Summer Celebrity Weddings Continues To Rise

The tidal wave of summer celebrity weddings continues to rise.

While the world waits with baited breath for the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, perhaps another royal wedding can satisfy our craving for couture.

Prince Nikolaos, second son of Constantine, former king of Greece, is set to marry fashion events planner Tatiana Blatnik later today.

The two will exchange wedding rings on the island of Spetses in an old monastery, where trucks carrying flowers and ornaments have been coming and going all day.

The groom’s father, Constantine, told AP Television, "As you know, in all of these situations, even the last minute you are preparing."

The impressive list of guests will include Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, as well as other members of European royalty. Royalty of a different kind, Elton John, is even rumored to attend the nuptials.

For those of us that have been paying attention, Blatnik, who plans events for fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, isn’t the only lucky lady to receive an engagement ring this year.

Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Anna Paquin, Katy Perry, and Megan Fox have all been seen sporting a little extra bling this past year. Not to mention Chelsea Clinton’s lavish $3 million affair, which was widely speculated to be as close to a royal wedding as Americans will get.

So it seems there is plenty to quench our insatiable thirst for jewelry and all things weddings this summer. And why not get excited, everyone loves a little sparkle and a happy ending.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Top shapes in diamonds; First pick has always been the round cut, followed by the princess-cut

Engagement Rings from the Couture Collection: Couture-0404

When it comes to the diamond shapes round has always been the top pick, followed by the princess. Couture-0404 engagement ring by Verragio elegantly showcases the princess-cut center accompanied by the two sides in this classic example. What is your favorite shape of diamond? Why don't you let us know on the Official Verragio Page on Facebook?


Couture-0404 pictured here in Palladium with a one carat princess-cut diamond and also accented with 0.60 carat of diamonds on the ring. Retail suggested price in Palladium is $3150, center is sold separately.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Engagement ring: Classico-0297 from Verragio's Classico Collection

Classico Collection: CLASSICO-0297

The engagement rings in the Verragio Classico Collection are some of the most sought after designs in the world. Made with the revolutionary Lumino Setting, each ring truly maximizes the beauty of your diamond.

Engagement rings in the Classico Collection features a variety of timeless and elegant styles from which you will discover the perfect ring to showcase your diamond and your love...for a lifetime.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Engagement rings from the Venetian Collection: Personalize and Make It Yours!

Completely Customizable. Unlike Any Other Ring.

The new Venetian Collection is the first in engagement ring designs to allow you to choose a particular look for the bottom portion of the ring.
When ordering a Venetian style, you will have the option to customize your ring by choosing between five different options in shank designs. Whether you prefer a classic look or a bit more intricacy in design, the Venetian Collection allows you to express your individual style.
Venetian Collection, a line of engagement rings and wedding bands with a flair for style and the perfect combination of old-world craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. Featuring Verragio’s signature crown shaped bezel beneath the center stone and meticulous attention to detail, each ring within the Venetian Collection puts an emphasis on accentuating the side profile.

Venetian Collection Engagement Rings

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Check out the hottest designs in engagement rings from Verragio

Check out the hottest designs in engagement rings: PARADISO-3005R ~ This stunning engagement ring from the Paradiso Collection truly sparkles with a dazzling 1.00 carat princess-cut diamond center and round brilliant-cut diamonds on the band.


The elegant scrolling design on the inside of ring provides for the ultimate comfort. Each ring within the Paradiso Collection hugs the contours of the finger to create the perfect fit and prevent the ring from spinning on the finger.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Diamond engagement rings from Verragio: COUTURE-0405

COUTURE-0405 engagement ring from the Couture Collection, featuring 0.35Ct. of shared-prong set round brilliant diamonds to enhance a round diamond center. Available in Palladium, 18K Gold and Platinum.


See the entire collection: http://www.verragio.com/Engagement-Rings

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Going back to the classics... CLASSICO-207P: Traditional three-diamond engagement ring from Verragio

CLASSICO-0207P engagement ring from VERRAGIO

Going back to the classics... CLASSICO-207P: Traditional three-diamond engagement ring designed to maximize the fire and brilliance of the diamonds by incorporating the exclusive Lumino Setting, diamond setting technique; minimal coverage, maximum light and brilliance!

Pictured here in Platinum with a 1.50 carat princess-cut diamond center, accented with 0.50 carat of two princess-cut side diamonds. Also available as CLASSICO-207R with round side diamonds for round, oval or other shaped centers...