Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another funny man is set to walk down the aisle; Seth Rogen

Another funny man is set to walk down the aisle; Seth Rogen has finally gotten engaged to his long term girlfriend, writer and actress Lauren Miller over the weekend.

The couple, who has been together since 2004, was visiting family in Boston when Rogen popped the question, surprising Miller, whom was beginning to wonder if he would ever propose, according to friends.

Rogen, who is best known for his roles in the movies “The 40-year-Old Virgin,” “Knocked up,” and Superbad,” recently slimmed down to play the title role in “The Green Hornet,” opposite starlet Cameron Diaz. Reportedly he lost 30 pounds in nine months.

While the actor admitted he felt like he sold out in order to play the role, Miller was right there with him, even losing some weight herself. “She’s been with me through thick and thin, literally,” Rogen told reporters earlier this year.

Miller, who met Rogen after he moved to Los Angeles from Canada, has even had some minor roles in his movies, as well as being credited with producing some unrelated projects.

There have been no details leaked about the big day yet, or the engagement ring, but Miller’s family couldn’t be happier. “Her family adores him; everyone is thrilled to plan a wedding,” a friend told Life & Style magazine.
Rogen himself is reportedly thrilled about the engagement, as he once told reporters “I have a girlfriend who is far prettier than I should have.” So congratulations to Miller, who caught herself an on and off screen good guy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Most Expensive Wedding Ever: A Steel Tycoon’s Daughter Marries.

Ever wonder what the title of the most expensive wedding in history involves? Well in 2004, London’s wealthiest man, tycoon Lakshmi Mittal threw his daughter one of the most lavish affairs the world has ever seen.

Vanisha Mittal, 23 at the time, exchanged wedding rings with London based banker Amit Bhatia, then 25, during June of 2004 in a traditional Indian ceremony that lasted five days. The wedding invitations for which, were 20 pages worth of poetry, site descriptions, and festival details delivered in individual silver boxes.

1,000 guests were flown on 12 jets, rented by Mittal, from India to Paris, where the festivities took place. The guests stayed at the Hotel le Grand Intercontinental, where all 600 rooms were booked for the occasion; accommodations alone cost about $2 million.

Amenities set up for the stay included a 24 hour snack bar, the entire first floor was converted into a beauty salon with hairdressers and makeup artists, three exclusive television channels broadcasting wedding preparations, movies, and news were set up, a team of 38 chefs prepared over 100 types of dishes, and luxury cars complete with bars were at the disposal of the guests for travel within Paris.

As if all that opulence wasn’t already enough, other ceremonies took place at the palace of Versailles, the Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte in Paris's Jardin des Tuileries, and a fireworks display at the Eiffel Tower.

The actual entertainment for the occasion were big names in pop music and Bollywood, including Aishwarya Raj, Akshay Kumar and Kylie Minogue, who was reportedly paid over $500,000 for a 30 minute music set. And although journalists were banned from covering the affair, the father of the bride reportedly hired a famous Bollywood director to document the almost week long party.

The couple originally met in college and dated for a year and a half before Bhatia presented Mittal with an engagement ring.

They say that the creation of important memories is priceless, but these came in at $78 million dollars. This decadent affair beat out Crown Prince Filipe of Spain’s wedding, which came in at $35 million, for the most expensive wedding the world has ever seen.

Wedding Rings Do Not Always Equal Box Office Success

Recently having had a conversation about the chemistry of real-life celebrity couples who choose to take on joint showbiz ventures, post exchanging wedding rings, and the success of the outcome, I decided to take a look at some of the most famous collaborating couples and their box-office hits or misses. Whether the outcome is actually due to a couple’s chemistry, the quality of the project, or just their general likability as individuals, one thing is clear; when it’s good, it’s good. But when it is bad, it is so very bad.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Perhaps the most famously bad onscreen duo of all time, this couple tried their luck on screen twice before they ended their off screen romance for good. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were famous for so many things by the time they split in 2004; unfortunately box office success was not one of them. The precursor to Brangelina, this couple was the first to be branded with a Portmanteaux, or a blending of names by the media, and instantly became known as” Bennifer.” The couple garnered even more attention when Lopez began sporting the 6 carat, Radiant cut, pink diamond engagement ring, Affleck had presented her with in 2002. Finally the couple was famous for being paired in a pretty famous little movie called “Gigli,” which famously failed with audiences. The movie earned $6 million at the box office but cost $54 million to make, and is known as one of the lowest grossing movies of all time.

All the fame did not spell success for their private lives either, as both have recently blamed the media attention for the demise of their relationship. Recently, Affleck has been quoted as saying, “I was no longer in control of my life. I thought I wanted certain things, but I didn't. I got lost. I felt suffocated, miserable and gross. I should never have gone down that route or got sucked in to all the publicity.”

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez
Although they met on the big screen, this couple became a household name when they appeared together on the small one. In 1940 Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez met while filming the movie, “Too Many Girls,” and eloped soon after. But it wasn’t until 1950 that Ball demanded her real-life husband play her opposite in the television sitcom, “I Love Lucy.” The couple’s genuine chemistry made the pair a wildly successful comedy team, despite their contentious off screen relationship over the years. The two later divorced in 1960, and in an interview post-divorce, Ball opened up about her relationship with Arnez, telling reporters “Desi was the great love of my life. I will miss him until the day I die. But I don't regret divorcing him. I just couldn't take it anymore." The two were married for 20 year, and have forever been cemented in Hollywood history as one of America’s favorite couples, both on and off screen.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Through the late ‘90s these two were Hollywood royalty and a red carpet favorite, but they couldn’t quite seem to get their popularity to transfer to the big screen. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman met while filming “Days of Thunder” in 1990 and exchanged wedding rings a year later. In 1992 the couple tested their chemistry again in the movie “Far and Away,” and came away with mixed reviews from both critics and audiences. It would be seven years before the couple would come together on the big screen again, this time in Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut.” The star vehicle, already highly anticipated by critics, turned out to be the director’s last movie before he died in 1999. Its release that following July was again met with mixed reviews; many critics slamming the production quality, and audiences misinterpreting the plot. The couple’s already straining relationship was scrutinized even more with rumors floating about the movie’s scandalous scenes adding to their stress. The stars eventually parted ways in 2001, after 10 years of marriage, but have nothing but nice things to say about each other. Kidman expressed her love for Cruise in People magazine after the divorce, but claims to have always had premonitions of the end when she told the magazine, "I always knew the rug was going to be taken out from underneath me at some stage. I didn't think it was going to happen in the way it happened.” So the once red hot couple never had a hit together, but neither were they subjected to “Gigli” like ridicule.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
This couple is one of America’s most beloved Hollywood couples, despite their non-traditional status. Gold Hawn and Kurt Russell first met on the set of “Swing Shift” in 1982, but the two didn’t hook up until a year later. Although the two have never married, they remain committed to each other to this days. There one and only attempt at cinematic collaboration in that time has been the well-received, now classic romantic comedy, “Overboard.” While the film did not open to great reviews, it has become a favorite with audiences over the years, as have the costars. Over the years the pair have had a son, Wyatt, and built a life together. And while their lack of work together has marked them as refreshing and non-pretentious by the public, the couple has said that they are planning on bringing their time-tested chemistry to the screen again in the near future.

So we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugliest of outcomes when celebrity power couples want to work together, but the only conclusion to be drawn is that there is no rhyme or reason to the success of such ventures. Some simply are hot, and some are not.

This engagement ring is no joke

Professional prankster, Johnny Knoxville has had a whirlwind couple of weeks lately, not only proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Naomi Nelson, but exchanging wedding rings a scant two weeks later, on September 24, 2010.
Although Knoxville is best known for “Jackass,” an MTV franchise that features a group of friends who pull horrible, but horribly funny pranks on one another, there is nothing funny about the engagement ring he purchased.

Nelson reportedly chose the ring herself, settling on a 2.5 carat Edwardian antique diamond ring, circa 1910-1915, and according to People magazine, Knoxville didn’t pick it up until the day before the wedding.
The couple, who already have a son together; Rocko Akira Clapp, who was born on December 20, 2009, have been together for two years. This is the second child and marriage for the reality star, who had his daughter Madison, with his ex-wife, clothing designer Melanie Clapp.

Knoxville, who has also starred in movies like “Men in Black” and the “Dukes of Hazards” remake, can soon be seen in 3D in the third installment of the “Jackass” movie trilogy. And despite a rushed engagement, the couple reportedly couldn’t be happier.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Choosing Your Engagement Ring: Think About More than Just the Diamond

When shopping for an engagement ring, it is important to remember that there is more to the ring than the cut of the diamond. Although it is true that the center stone is the star of the show, don’t forget the supporting cast. There are a couple of other elements to an engagement ring to keep in mind when you start looking, setting and shank style are also important. Here are a couple of popular options to help with the selection process.
Pave’ Set  { PARADISO-3006R }
Perhaps one of the most popular settings, the Pave’ style was designed to emulate the look of a cobble stone paved street. The diamonds are set so close together that no metal from the band shows, but the individual diamonds are still set in prongs, unlike channel, which is made with the diamonds touching. Pave’ setting can be added to any style of shank and adds a little extra sparkle to the band.

Channel Set { CLASSICO-0262P }
A channel set is when the diamonds are arranged in a line and set into the band as if they were kissing, touching side by side, with a metal lip on each edge to keep the diamonds in place. The setting is used for wedding bands as well, and does a good job of adding sparkle without being ostentatious.

Plain { CLASSICO-0356 }
A plain shank is pretty self-explanatory; however it is not as boring as it may sound. A plain shank is a clean, unadorned band that lets the center stone stand alone. If you’re style tends to veer more towards the vintage, then this classic style is for you.

Split Shank { COUTURE-0378 }
Another pretty self-explanatory name, the spilt shank is when the band is split into two or three parts. This creates width on your finger without compromising femininity. This style can also be pave’ set or left plain for different looks. Plus, spilt shanks are very popular this season, so if you like to keep up with the latest trends; this is a safe bet for you.

Twisted Shank { VENETIAN-5005P }
The Twisted shank is almost a variation on the split shank and occurs when the band is cut into two parts and then twisted together to create a braided band. This style can be coupled with a pave’ setting as well, but is intricate enough to stand in its own. The twisted shank is the perfect look for someone who likes to get noticed and is looking for something a little unique for that third finger.

Two Couples Who Don’t Believe in Long Engagements

Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson – September 27, 2008

The detail hungry media was just gearing up their wedding speculations when this couple got married only four months after Ryan Reynolds presented Scarlett Johansson with a 3 carat, Round cut diamond and yellow gold engagement ring.

Reynolds and Johansson have always been adamant about protecting their privacy; the young couple rarely poses for pictures together on the red carpet and share details about their personal lives even less. Their wedding was no exception.

The two exchanged wedding rings on September 27th of 2008 at an eco-friendly resort just outside of Vancouver, B.C. and away from the prying eyes of the public.

To ensure privacy, the phone lines were shut down for the weekend and the few friends and family members in attendance were flown in from downtown Vancouver, in a float plane, to the Clayoquot Retreat on the Bedwell River. Reynolds and Johansson rented out the entire resort, which provided the small group of guest with various outdoor activities like horseback riding and hiking for entertainment.


Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian – September 27, 2009
The Kardashians, the lovable reality TV family that is famous for being famous has never had a problem with publicity; no moment is too private to air on TV. And Khloe’s wedding was no exception.
It’s hard not to name drop when talking about this wedding.

The couple exchanged vows in front of an audience of friends and family at the private residence of music mogul Irving Azoff in Beverly Hills. Vera Wang, a friend of the family, designed the gown that Khloe wore as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her stepfather, Bruce Jenner.

Some of the more notable names on the 250 person guest list included Odom’s team mate Kobe Bryant, Kelly Osbourne, and Ryan Seacrest whom also produces the family show.

Musician Babyface performed at the reception and the couple flew in a DJ from New York City to keep the party moving.

Since the couple had only been dating for a month before they decided to tie the knot, Kardashian did not receive her engagement ring until just weeks before the wedding. But it seemed it was worth the wait when Odom presented her with a 9 carat, Radiant cut diamond engagement ring.

There was no need for a videographer though, as the whole courtship, from the proposal to the rush down the aisle, was caught on tape for the reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashian.”

It just goes to show that sometimes things are too good to wait. Happy anniversary to both of the lucky couples.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Under Siege: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Celebrate Wedding Anniversary

Despite recent rumors of infidelity, actors Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore couldn’t seem happier to be together after five years of marriage.

The couple originally met back in 2003 at a quiet dinner party in New York City, introduced by a mutual friend whom Moore insists was not Media Mogul P. Diddy, as has long been rumored. Not long after, the actors were inseparable, and Kutcher, 15 years Moore’s junior, soon forged a close relationship with her three daughters from a previous marriage, earning himself the title of “My other dad,” or MOD for short.

In 2005 Kutcher presented Moore with a small diamond engagement ring, which she wore until he upgraded to a 5.5 Carat Emerald cut diamond and platinum ring, in 2008.

On the evening of September 24, 2005 the two exchanged wedding rings http at their Beverly Hills home in front of 100 guests, including Moore’s movie star ex-husband Bruce Willis, actress Lucy Liu, and Kutcher’s old co-star Wilmer Valderrama.

The wedding was a traditional Kabbalah ceremony performed by the center’s Rabbi, and followed by a Vanilla Bean Cake in powder blue.

Due to their age difference, the couple has generated public interest from the start, and most recently, tabloids have been circulating rumors that Kutcher had been unfaithful in a club. Despite the media being quick to say I told you so to Moore, the couple has begun fighting back, threatening legal action and appearing together in public.

This past Thursday the pair attended a Clinton Global Initiative meeting to discuss the foundation’s mission to end sex trafficking practices. The couple was reportedly as happy as ever, holding hands and laughing together.

When they were first married, Kutcher famously told Oprah “I love being with her, she makes me a better person.” And it appears to be as true now as it was five years ago. Happy Anniversary Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore.

Hot Details for Cool Weather: Top picks of the hottest details for an autumn wedding

Here at Verragio, we have engagement on the brain. Inevitably this leads to thoughts of weddings, and just as the seasons change, so does what is hot or not. So having combed through the latest wedding trends that the industry has to offer, we have narrowed down our picks of the hottest details for an autumn wedding.

Hors d’oeuvres: Mini Grilled Cheese Panini There are any number of possibilities that you are your caterer could dream up. Try asiago and goat cheese, smoked gouda and prosciutto, or parmesan and sundried tomato pesto. The possibilities are endless and delicious.

Groom Accessory – Classic Bowtie
Retro is making a comeback in a big way, and nobody was more dapper throughout the ’50s and ‘60s than Cary Grant. Celebrate his style with a classic black bowtie.

Bride Accessory – Birdcage Veil
Open any bridal magazine and you’ll see this hot trend for the fall. The modern style isn’t for everyone, but if you’re dress is a little more slink than poof, this short veil will suit you just fine.

Flowers – Dahlia Arrangement
There are 36 different species of Dahlia flowers that come in just as many colors, a few of which are bold, striking, and dark for the fall. Mixing and matching several types can give you an eclectic, unique bouquet while keeping it in the family.

Cake – Oreo
Slightly heavier foods are called for when the colder weather sets in, so put aside the almond cake and lemon frosting and think outside the box. A chocolate cake and Oreo crumpled buttercream filling makes for a delicious surprise when you cut through the fondant.

Bridal Gift: Ballet Flats
Every couple wants to make sure that their guest enjoy themselves and dance the night away, especially the support staff; your bridal party. However, that’s no easy feat when they’ve spent the day in high heels. With a slight chill in the air, going barefoot isn’t an option. So gift your bridesmaids with ballet flats that match their gowns, that way they can stay stylish when their soles get tired.

Honeymoon Destination – Oregon
If you’re not looking to break the bank with an overseas vacation, consider only going as far as Oregon wine country. Being touted as the new Napa, the wine producing region of Oregon, which mostly lies in the valleys between the southern Cascade Mountains, offers a cooler climate that produces wine varieties like Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Pinot Noir. Willamette has particularly beautiful views, warm days and cool nights in the fall.

Wedding Colors – Burgundy, Olive, and Cream
Keeping within the rich, bold colors that encapsulates autumn, a deep red and rustic green are a perfect combination for the season. Not only will it be easy to match your flowers, but if the leaves are changing, you just might match your venue too.

Registry Items – Eco Friendly
Going green is no longer considered trendy; it is now a way of life. When you and your groom to be are getting ready to exchange those wedding rings, try registering for some eco-friendly gifts. There are a variety of classic appliances that now come in energy saving options. And using accessories made from recycled products are both trendy and environmentally sound.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How To Drink In Style At Your Wedding

Alcohol is a wedding reception staple, and an open bar is usually expected. But customary doesn’t have to be ordinary. Below are a few tips on how to make your open bar a success.

  • Dress it up
There are plenty of ways to incorporate a theme for your wedding, and when decorating your venue don’t forget the bar. If your wedding is in a tropical setting, set out some leis and palm fronds. If you’re having a fall themed wedding, colored leaves are an easy, added touch. But even if you haven’t chosen to theme the day, you can still decorate with your colors or flowers to draw your guest’s eyes.

  • Don’t Forget the Garnish
There’s no need to have the decorations stop at the bar, incorporate your colors into your drinks. Having a signature cocktail to be passed around is a fun way to keep things festive. But there’s no reason to turn yourself into a professional mixologist, keep it simple. If you’re wedding colors are cream and green, serve mojitos. If you colors involve pink then serve cosmos. You can also add a touch of your colors with the garnish. Violets, roses, lilacs, and elder flowers are all considered edible. Try adding rose petals to champagne with a hint of chocolate liquor for a drink that’s both colorful and delicious.

  • Keep the Finger Food Stocked
Even before the liquor starts flowing, it’s always a good idea to have some snacks stationed near the bar, or have hors d’oeuvres passed around as soon as guests start to arrive. You don’t want your guest drinking on an empty stomach, especially when it comes to an open bar.

  • Never Drink and Drive
Speaking of drinking responsibly, always make sure that no one has to drive away from your event. If the wedding is held at a hotel, make them aware beforehand that you will need cab service for any guests at the end of your reception. Or if your reception isn’t somewhere convenient to public transportation, consider hiring a shuttle service to get guest to and from your wedding. It is also important to over-estimate the number of people you may have to transport, start early and have plenty. Better safe than sorry.

An Office Romance

The Office, the wildly successful American TV comedy based on the British show by the same name, premieres on NBC tonight. And the much beloved on-screen couple Jim and Pam have finally exchanged wedding rings in real life too, just not with each other.
John Krasinski brings his boyish charm to his half of everyone’s favorite TV couple on The Office, but believe it or not, is even more adorable with his now real-life wife, movie star Emily Blunt.

The two were introduced by Blunt’s” The Devil Wears Prada” costar, Anne Hathaway in 2008, and by 2009 Blunt was seen sporting a 3 carat Round cut diamond and platinum engagement ring.

 The couple was married on July 10th, 2010 in Como, Italy at the Villa D’Este in front of a small group of friends and family, including movie star George Clooney.

The bride wore a cream colored, chiffon sweetheart Marchesa gown for the outdoor ceremony, but the couple, who is strategically closed lipped regarding their relationship, has yet to share many more details with the media.

Krasinski’s equally likable co-star Jenna Fischer also exchanged wedding rings this past summer with screen writer Lee Kirk. This is the second marriage for Fischer, who was married for seven years to screenwriter James Gunn. The couple divorced in 2007.

Lee and Fischer, who have been dating since 2008, became engaged last summer while on vacation in Europe, and tied the knot in a relatively secret ceremony held this past July 3rd.

Although the newlyweds have yet to share any details about the ceremony, costar Rain Wilson tweeted about the big day, calling it the most beautiful wedding he had ever experienced.

The two newlyweds are set to reunite on the small screen tonight for their sixth season and we wish them well on what has already been a successful year.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Tips 10: Five Wedding Trends That Must NOT Continue

Once you receive the engagement ring that you’ve dreams of for years, inevitably your mind will turn towards the planning phase. And everyone wants that special element or idea that makes your day unique and memorable. But some people go too far. Here are the top five wedding trends to be avoided in 2010, from the annoying to the outrageous:

  • Dogs as Attendants
Yes, he is man’s best friend, yes everyone loves dogs, and yes you may actually get a buttoner on him somewhere. But none of that changes the fact that he is an animal. Inevitably someone will try to dress him up and he will not enjoy the top hat. Plus even the most supportive of bridesmaids will not want to be in charge of the poop baggies during the reception.

  • Bridal Botox
Lately there has been an unsettling wave of pre-wedding plastic surgery trends cropping up. From the brides that try to cosmetically perfect themselves for the big day, to the crazy insistence that bridesmaids get Botox treatments, somewhere the idea of looking your best and looking like someone else is getting blurred. Even in the most modern sense, the “something new” a bride carries down the aisle shouldn’t be her nose.

  • The Wedding Procession Dance
Speaking of going down the aisle, has everyone seen the YouTube video of the couple that had their wedding party dance their way to the altar to the tune of Chris Brown’s “Forever?” It was really cute. But the 50 other couples that did it too, following in the wake, were not cute. As I’ve said before, an original is only an original when it is done the first time. Dancing your way down the aisle may seem unique, but it’s been done before.

  • Retail Venues
Believe it or not, USA Today ran a story about the growing trend of couples who want their wedding in places like Taco Bell, White Castle, and T.J. Maxx. There have also been two separate reported stories of couples who spent so much time at Home Depot, they got married there. I don’t know when, why, or how this idea came into fruition, but having your wedding in one of these places does not ensure the kind of classy affair you want to invite your grandmother to. If you do choose to go this route, your wedding will indeed be remembered, but who wants to be the next Harold and Kumar of White Castle?

  • Bridal Diapers
Yes, on the most basic level, is the most technical way, this product makes sense. Almost any bride will tell you that the layers of crinoline, taffeta, and satin make it almost impossible to use the toilet on your big day. And yes there is normally a copious amount of champagne being passed around. But there has got to be a better way than wearing a diaper under your dress. The wedding industry nets profits in the billions per year, so there are always new ideas, trends, and inventions that are being thought up to jump on the bandwagon. But the idea of a diaper specifically designed for a bride to wear is gross at best and disturbing at worse. No matter how you dress it up, a diaper is still a diaper; a receptacle for waste. Under your dress.

If anyone can beat bridal diapers or has another crazy trend to share, Visit us on Facebook and let us know.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

John F. Kennedy and Carolyn Bessette: A perfect Moment in Time

Long before George Clooney became the great white whale of eligible bachelors, always chasing never catching, there was John F. Kennedy Jr. The favorite son from perhaps the most famous family in western politics, he was an American royalty. Since his time at his father’s feet in the white house, Kennedy Jr. had captivated the attention of the nation. And by the early 1990’s there was no more notorious bachelor around. Not in the U.S. and certainly not in his home of New York City.

The world watched as he dated actress Sarah Jessica Parker in 1988, and actress Daryl Hannah from 1989 to 1994. But it was Carolyn Bessette, a publicist for Calvin Klein, who eventually led Kennedy down the aisle.

The couple, who became an immediate paparazzi target, was married in secret on September 21, 1996. The two exchanged wedding rings on Cumberland Island, off the coast of Georgia with only 40 guests in attendance.

The bride, dressed in a $40,000 Narcisco Rodriguez silk gown, Manolo Blahnik sandals, and a hair clip once owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, was the picture of modern elegance. The groom wore a dark blue wool suit and white vest by Gordon Henderson, and accessorized only with his father’s watch and later his wedding ring.

The wedding was a rare moment of peace for the two, who were media fodder even in their death. Unfortunately the couple, along with Bessette’s sister, did not survive a 1999 plane crash on the way to Martha’s Vineyard.

However, September 21st was a magical evening in the storybook of their relationship, and blessedly free of paparazzi. The ceremony took place in a small wooden framed church lit by lanterns and candles. The guests later adjourned to the Greyfield Inn for a quiet reception where they were toasted by Kennedy’s uncle Ted, and danced to Prince’s “Forever in my Life.”

Today would have been the couple’s 14 year wedding anniversary, so let’s take a moment to remember this iconic couple and their unfortunately short, but sweet romance.

Wedding Traditions Worth Keeping

Normally, I’m not one for superstition, especially when associated with weddings. I don’t believe a woman must wear white, nor do I believe that a couple should refrain from seeing each other on the big day. But being of an inquisitive nature, I started to wonder where some of the more popular traditions came from, began to do a little digging, and found a few time honored traditions that are worth the time and effort. Just in case…

  • Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue
We are all familiar with the wedding day ritual and it’s a classic cinematic moment from every wedding movie ever made. But do we really know why we do it? Well, traditionally the “something old” is carried by the bride to symbolize her old life and family that she has come from, and on the flip side “something new” is used to symbolize the new life the bride will be entering into. The something borrowed is the part of this equation that often gets confused, as the item that is borrowed should come from a happily married woman. The idea is that she will impart some of her happiness onto the new union about to take place. And finally something blue is carried as a symbol of modesty and fidelity. The roots of the color come from the purity of the Virgin Mary, who is often depicted wearing blue in religious imagery.

  • Placement of the ring
There are two schools of thought concerning the traditional placement of a wedding ring. My favorite comes from ancient Egypt, where they believed there was a vein in a person third finger on their left hand that ran directly to their heart, they called it the vein of love. The second idea comes from the later Anglo-Saxon ceremony where the groom would place the ring on the brides hand three different times, symbolizing the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. The third finger would be the last, and therefore where the ring would stay. The engagement ring, given as a symbol of matrimonial intent and commitment is worn on the same finger.

  • Share a slice of cake
The sharing of the first slice of wedding cake is tradition, and one of the most highly photographed moments of the day. But it is really meant to be a symbol of good wishes for the couple’s new life together. Ancient Romans believed that the wheat used in the cake was a symbol of fertility and prosperity, while the sugar was meant to ensure the sweetness of the union. So try to remember to get some in your spouse’s mouth when you’re shoving it in his face.

  • Showered in rice
Throwing rice as a couple exits the ceremony has evolved over the years, with trendier or more eco-friendly version observed today. But rice has always been seen as a life giving seed and showering a couple during their exit is meant to ensure that their new union be fruitful. Fortunately, the same thing can be said about birdseed, so you can still enjoy the symbolism without killing any pigeons.

  • Keeping old demons at bay
Tying cans to the back of the getaway car is associated with the idea that loud noises chase away the demons that try to follow the newly married couple as they exit their ceremony. The tradition of honking horns at that moment also follows the same line of reasoning.

Speaking of demons, it was once believed that the demons from the bride’s old life would try to follow into the new couple’s home. The act of carrying her over the threshold was believed to prevent them from entering. Speaking with all familial affection possible, my fiancé had better start lifting weights now because this is one place where, better safe than sorry, applies.

  • And finally the question that originally sparked my research; Tying the knot?
There are three different instances where the act of tying a knot is incorporated into a wedding ceremony. In ancient Rome, brides would dress for their wedding in a girdle tied with a knot, and the act of untying it went to the groom. In Carthage the bride and groom’s thumbs were tied together with a leather strap to symbolize the bond that had been formed. And in India, the groom would tie a ribbon around the bride’s neck to solidify the marriage as legal and binding. Consequently, the wedding ceremony has now universally become known as tying the knot.

Are you curious about a specific tradition, or would like to add your own explanations? Visit us on our Facebook page and let us know.

Wedding Tip #9: Elopement; A No Fuss, No Muss Wedding.

So the engagement ring has been offered and enthusiastically accepted. Now the planning begins, and one commonly known fact that you will become quite familiar with, is that weddings are expensive. With traditional weddings costing, on average, $20,000, for some the price is worth paying, for others it is not.

So in honor of those couples who have successfully eloped over the years, and even those who weren’t so successful, here’s a quick guide on how to do it right.

Step One: Choose your location, know the rules.

Over the years, Las Vegas has become synonymous with elopements and quickie weddings. Sin city averages over 100,000 weddings a year, there are no blood tests required, no waiting period for licenses, and unlimited entertainment abounds. But the glitz and glamour are not for everyone. So if you’re planning an elopement in advance, and are choosing a different route, make sure to know their laws, and any restrictions they may have. Most states require 3 to 5 days for a marriage license, ruling out spur of the moment weddings. And some courthouses have a limit to the amount of people that can attend wedding ceremonies, instead having court clerks to stand witness. But if keeping the guest list to a minimum is a plus, this is a definite way to go.

Step Two: Choose your style.

Some people, when deciding against traditional wedding day ceremonies, opt for an out of the country location, or something warm and tropical. While those are more often considered destination weddings, there are plenty of chapels that offer themed elopements. Admittedly, most take place in Vegas, but you can have a Star Trek themed affair, fairytale romance, you can walk the plank at Treasure Island, or fall back on the classic Elvis-officiated ceremony. Whatever you choose, there are plenty of places where you won’t have to sacrifice personality for convenience.

Step Three: Prepare the family.

While it is true that a wedding is about celebrating your love as a couple and should reflect your wishes, consider your family’s feelings. The joy of a wedding isn’t in the planning of the day, but the actual event. The exclusion of your family could at best momentarily hurt their feeling and at worst foster resentment towards your new spouse.

Step Four: Skip town but not the reception.

But part of the allure of an elopement is the ease and intimacy it affords a couple. If you don’t want the stress of planning a wedding, just plan a party. You and your spouse-to-be can slip off and exchange wedding rings in a private ceremony, only to return home to a low-key reception with friends and family. Save money on the big day, but spare a little for a rehearsal dinner type affair. That way you get to keep your private moments private, but you don’t cut anyone out of the occasion.
Did you elope for your wedding, but still did it with style? Log onto our Facebook page  and tell us your story.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Verragio Engagement Ring Story…Amanda Rochon and Yannick Lizé

Starting at the End: It Doesn’t Matter Which Way You Go, as Long as You Get There.

When Amanda Rochon began thinking about engagement rings with her fiancé Yannick Lizé, he gave her carte blanche. “He told me to pick my dream ring, and I knew that I wanted something artistic and extraordinary.”

The couple, who met online in December of 2009, technically got engaged before they even met, claims Rochon, who got a call from the groom’s friend before their first date to tell her she would be getting married. “I laughed it off, but Yannick was serious. We had a ‘verbal agreement’ as he called it to get married in October of 2010. So we began to plan the wedding.”

Not to be robbed of her magic moment though, Lizé officially popped the question during what Rochon calls a pre-wedding honeymoon. During a conference in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, while the two were having drinks on the beach, listening to live music and taking advantage of the light from a full-moon; the timing was just right. “We stood there, smiling, and feeling incredibly content when he asked if I'd like to marry him. It was simple, perfect and remarkably romantic,” recalls Rochon.

Having just purchased a new home, the couple agreed to wait before buying an engagement ring,  but that doesn’t mean Rochon wasn’t coming prepared to shop when the time came. “I knew that I wanted something artistic and extraordinary. It was important to me that it be set in Palladium and I wanted a halo setting,” said Rochon, who had been dreaming of her engagement ring for years.

After weeks of looking online, Rochon stumbled across the Verragio website and was instantly enchanted. “I knew that I'd found a company with designs that captured all things majestic and put them into beautiful rings,” Rochon said. “I'd had an image in my head of what I wanted in an engagement ring and your company is the only one who captured exactly that.”

The couple put their heads together and decided on the Insignia-7047 engagement ring, which they found at Raineri Jewelers in New York City. “What truly sold us was the scroll detailing on the shank,” Rochon said after finally seeing the ring in person. “My undergraduate degree is in Art History and it reminded me of vine work in Baroque landscape paintings. There's true artistry in the design and it's anything but run-of-the-mill.”

But still they held off on purchasing the ring, and soon Rochon began to worry she would be walking down the aisle before she got the ring, “At the four week mark prior to, I was a little nervous that perhaps he'd forgotten.”

But just like before, Lizé had something up his sleeve, and with a little help from Rochon’s son Jacob, he was able to surprise her once again. “The boys were pretty pleased with themselves and kept winking at each other throughout dinner,” Rochon said. “At one point I'd turned to speak to Jacob when Yannick asked for my attention. He placed my Verragio ring on the table in front of me and asked, again, if I would marry him.”

Lizé and Rochon will finally exchange wedding rings on October 10th in Lize’s hometown of Montreal, Canada. The ceremony will be held at Auberge Le Saint Gabriel, the oldest inn in North America, in front of 85 of their friends and family. The bride will arrive by horse drawn carriage where her son Jacob will escort her down the aisle to the man of her dreams. “I have to say that I never thought I'd remarry,” said Rochon. “But I know without doubt that I'd be a fool if I didn't marry this man.
For a couple that seems to enjoy working their way backwards down the aisle, things are pretty good. And for her part Rochon couldn’t be happier with how things have worked out. “I feel as if my ring was custom made for me and me alone,” she said. “It is truly, as I believe my marriage will be, a masterpiece.”

Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Royal Wedding: Monaco’s Fantastic Legacy

Grace Kelly shot from movie star to iconic figure when she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, in 1956. Although she died tragically, two months shy of her 53rd birthday, when she suffered a stroke while driving and lost control of the wheel, to many her life seemed like a fairytale.

Now, 28 years later, her son Albert, and current Prince of Monaco is set to exchange wedding rings with longtime girlfriend, Charlene Wittstock.

The couple met at a swimming competition in 2000, and by 2006 Wittstock was seemingly a permanent fixture on the Prince’s arm. Over the years the prince has had several notable flings, appearing publically with supermodels Naomi Campbell, Claudia Shiffer, and movie star Gwyneth Paltrow, just to name a few.

But it appears that the playboy is finally ready to settle down. The couple confirmed that Prince Albert had presented Wittstock with a 3 carat pear shaped diamond engagement ring, set in unique gray gold, reportedly worth about $100,000, this past June.


The couple has begun to share details about the upcoming nuptials, not set to take place until next summer. The two day wedding will be held in Monaco over July 2nd and 3rd; day one will be a civil ceremony and day two the more traditional Catholic ceremony. Although the guest list will contain as many as 1,000 names, the ceremony will also be televised for the rest of the principality.

For her part, Wittstock acknowledges the iconic shoes she has to fill for the people of Monaco, and told reporters “I’ll do anything to be worthy of their expectations.”

Big shoes to fill indeed, as the Rainier-Kelly wedding was already dubbed “The Wedding of the Century,” back in the 50’s when the affair was being planned.

And although the current prince seems prepared to give the wedding to outshine all others, we will have to wait and see how he does, and maybe keep busy planning our own royal wedding.

Bridalplasty: Wedding Focused Reality Show Gone Too Far?

The E channel is launching a new bridal reality show that takes an extreme approach to wedding makeovers. In the new series, 12 brides, with their engagement rings fresh on their fingers, will move into a house, where they will compete to win plastic surgery procedures in order to look perfect on their big day.

The brides will reportedly meet with a plastic surgeon prior to starting the competition to create a “wish list” of lifts or tucks that they will ultimately vie to have done. The end game of this competition, according to E, will be for the final bride to be revealed to her family, friends, and even her groom at the moment he lifts the veil on the altar, and not a moment before.

Although the show will not be on the air until November, critics have already been rampaging online. The show seeks to provide brides the chance to be the best they can be for their groom on their wedding day, according to the network, but detractors have already labeled the show as grotesque or akin to exploitation. Exploitation is a tricky thing; it implies that the participating women are being taken advantage of in some way, while in actuality they are getting the chance to get something they want.

The main question though, seems to be if reality TV gone has gone too far. In an effort to raise viewer interest and fight for ratings, has the E network crossed the line? Are the views expressed by this show setting a bad example?

Bridalplasty, hosted by former model Shanna Moakler, will air on November 28th at 9pm EST. We’ll be following along, but in the meantime visit us on Facebook and let us know what you think and how far you would go to look your best on the big day.

Wedding Planning Tip #8: Choosing Your Favors

So the engagement ring has been offered and enthusiastically accepted. Now the planning begins, and just as we have written before, below are a few tips to help on your way to the big day.

Wedding favors are often one of those left over details that you almost forget when planning a wedding, but you wan't feel obligated to supply so that others can remember that this was your day. A favor is supposed to be a little tidbit or treat to thank people for attending, something they can take away from the day and have fun with. Some bridal parties get it right, some do not.

Of the more horrific favors that I have seen are personalized glassware, personalized hall runners, personalized coasters, personalized photo albums… you get the point. These favors only work for extremely close friends or family members for whom this day was almost as special as it was for you, which is almost always a small faction.

So basically nothing personalized that isn't edible. Like I'm going to be at home drinking out of wine glasses with my coworker and husband’s name and wedding date on them? Or god forbid put it on a rug in my hallway. If you're spending the money on it, wouldn't you want people to actually get some use out of them when they leave?

To play it safe, stick to edible favors, like personalized cookies, cellophane wrapped caramel apples for the fall, or cupcakes in the same flavor as your wedding cake. Even if one or two of your guests don’t have much of a sweet tooth, there will be someone at their house that will take care of the goodies. (And if any of them have kids that weren’t able to attend, it’s a sweet treat for them.)

But if you have your heart set on little keepsakes that aren’t perishable, there is a world of them at your fingertips. (The internet has made quick trips to Things Remembered on your lunch break mostly unnecessary.) Soap, card holders, candles, and magnets are always popular ideas with almost unlimited options to match your theme. There are also some non-traditional ideas that have been cropping up; mini lanterns that double as card holders for outdoor weddings, decorative wine stoppers perfect for vineyard weddings, or bottles of local olive oil for guests to enjoy at home.

Whatever you choose for your favor, it will be to commemorate a day that will forever be important to you from here on out. You and your guests will remember it fondly whenever they look upon their favors. But just in case, remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Ten Year Wedding Anniversary: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones ~ Celebrate in Style

Super Stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones will soon be celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary on November 18th. Traditionally, tin is the appropriate gift for your 10th anniversary, but for a couple that spent $1.5 million of their first wedding, I think we can expect something a little more special.

The engagement ring that Douglas gave to Zeta-Jones on New Year’s Eve in 1999 has since become one of the most famous celebrity engagement rings of all time. The antique ring, which features a 10 carat Marquis cut diamond, reportedly cost $2 million.

RU-6070 by VERRAGIO for MEN

And in 2000 Douglas slipped on his own wedding ring at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in front of an audience of 350 people, including movie stars Meg Ryan and Jack Nicholson. The reception in the Plaza’s ballroom was decorated with a full sized magnolia tree, 700 white tulips, and a 10 tier, six foot cake.

Ten years and two kids later the couple is rumored to be planning a vow renewal ceremony to celebrate the momentous occasion.

But Douglas has been keeping himself pretty busy making the rounds to promote his upcoming movie, Wall Street 2, where he will reprise his famously smarmy role as Gordon Gekko. The movie star has also been making headlines lately after announcing that he had been diagnosed with stage four throat cancer this past month. On the Late Show with David Letterman, Douglas, who had just come back from spending some quality time with his family in Spain, informed fans that he was undergoing Chemo-therapy and radiation treatment.

Zeta-Jones has reportedly been a wealth of support during this tumultuous month, and the vow renewal is just another way of saying how happy they are to have one another after all these years. No details on the actual ceremony yet, but if the first wedding was any indication; these two will find another way to wow us all.

Wedding tip #6: A Happily Ever After Wedding

For a woman who has finally gotten that dream engagement ring from her dream man, she can often feel like a princess. And deep down, she wants to continue to feel like a princess on her big day, some brides more than others. If you’re looking for a place to start with the wedding plans, try channeling that dormant sleeping beauty and live out your fantasy with a fairytale themed wedding? Inside all of us there lurks a big kid, and for those of us whose inner child is a little bigger than others, why not.

The first and easiest way to set the fairytale tone for the day is with the dress. Ballgown, or princess style dresses have been popular with brides since the dawn of time it seems. The look is ageless and has become synonymous with “bride” after of centuries of royal weddings. However, perhaps you like the silhouette without all the pomp and circumstance of Princess Diana’s gown. The ballgown bridal style gets reworked every season by popular designers like Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, and recently in demand Monique Lhuillier. The type of flowers you choose can easily set a more romantic tone to the day. Keep in mind that pastels are more often associated with fairytales, and choose a lighter hue bouquet. An ensemble of soft pink roses, lilac colored tulips, and a sprinkle of baby’s breath is a beautiful choice for the spring. Or maybe try white calla lilies and sprigs of light green snapdragons for an unusual mix.

No wedding cake is complete without that those bride and groom figurine’s that sit aloft. But for this special day, try something a little quirkier, like a classic prince and princess pair to decorate the top. Or if miniature people aren’t your thing, consider having a carriage made to scale instead, it’s a little different and sure to be remembered.

Speaking of cakes, the groom’s cake is always another way to have a little non-traditional fun. If your groom is game, make the cake something unique, like a castle or a crown. Or for a more meaningful statement, do a little research and find out if his family has a crest or emblem and have the cake modeled after that. Not only will his family appreciate your choice, but there is something regal about a family crest.

Another traditional fairytale element is the grand exit. If the weather is agreeable when it comes time to leave the reception, why not hop into a horse drawn carriage instead of into a limo? The old fashioned ride is often used for weddings, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one to rent, but imagine how beautiful it will look in pictures. Just remember to have a backup and ask that uncle or family friend to bring his classic model car with him, just in case it rains.

And finally, for the die-hards that want to commit 100%, Walt Disney theme parks offer wedding packages to fairytale fans and couples wanting to immerse themselves in the fantasy. The wedding planning is minimal on your part, so you get to show up, just have fun, and be wedding royalty for the day. After all, nothing embodies the world of fantasy and make-believe more than Disney.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale: A unique Engagement Ring for a Truly Unique Couple

Everyone’s favorite rock star couple, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, were spotted celebrating their eight-year wedding anniversary at Babbo in New York City recently. And in honor of their enduring happiness, I thought it would be nice to take a little trip down memory lane and reminisce together.

In 1996, the world was a different place. People favored loud guitars over synthesizers and mid-drift bearing tops over dresses made out of meat. They would rather bang their heads than shakes their hips, and the masses would sooner rock Airwalks than Louboutins. The band No Doubt was gaining notoriety and soon became the opening act on tour for the music group Bush, one of the biggest bands at the time. That was where things began.

Stefani, the lead singer of No Doubt, and Bush’s front man Rossdale reportedly began dating shortly after meeting on the tour, and their relationship quickly became almost an iconic symbol of the Ska/Punk/Grunge/Alternative scene of the time.

As time passed by, pop culture trends and music preference changed. The dulcet tones of various dueling boy bands were on the upswing, and we now had Carrie Bradshaw to tell us how to dress. Gone was the rebellious nature and slightly dirty feel of the 1990’s, but the Rossdale-Stefani relationship still held strong.

In early 2002, the couple confirmed their plans to marry after Rossdale proposed to Stefani on New Year’s Day. And the engagement ring that Stefani was soon seen sporting around town was alternative, unique, and just like the lifestyle the couple embodies, rock and roll chic.

Designed by Rossdale himself, Stefani’s engagement ring is a wide white gold band encrusted with diamonds that the singer worked on in Amsterdam before he popped the question.


And on September 14th, 2002, the rocker pair exchanged wedding rings,  twice. First in London in front of an audience of 150 guests, and again two weeks later in a slightly smaller California ceremony. Both times the bride wore a custom designed pink and white gown designed by John Galliano.

Over the years, the couple has faced their share of difficulties, most notable a previously unknown lovechild from Rossdale’s past, a situation that publicly surfaced in 2004, but seemed to have come through mostly unscathed.

Both have enjoyed success in their various musical endeavors, Stefani now heads her L.A.M.B fashion label, and the two enjoy a relatively quiet family life with their two sons, Kingston and Zuma.

The world has seen them endeavor and evolve over the past 12 years, both individually and as a couple. Recently there have been a lot of celebrity couples tying the knot and we wish them the kind of success that these two have enjoyed. Happy Anniversary Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding Tip #6: Choosing Your Wedding Rings

One of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process is the selection of the wedding rings. She may have vetoed your flower selection, and he might have won the battle of band vs. DJ, but this is the time when you two can work together and have fun with it.


Step 1: Go Together

The first perk of this process is that you two can go together. Although times are changing, traditionally the selection of the engagement ring is done by the male as a gift and a surprise. Therefore the bride-to-be is not commonly present for the purchase. However, this trip to the jeweler is all about the two of you as a couple, there are no wedding planners or family members on hand to offer their two cents, and you two can relax and enjoy your time alone.

Step 2: Go Together, Think Separate.

One major misconception about wedding rings is the idea that they must come as a matching set. They certainly can, and often are designed to match. And while the wedding rings are a symbol of your love as a couple, that doesn’t mean you have the same tastes. Gold might be too old fashioned for you, platinum too flashy for him. There are plenty of different styles of ring to satisfy both halves of your soon to be new whole, whether you are of the same mind or not.

Step 3: Consider Your Lifestyle

Planning a wedding and being a bride can often feel like your living in a fairytale, but make sure to keep your day-to-day life in mind when choosing your wedding ring. If destruction, or a rough and tumble lifestyle is not a concern of yours, by all means, choose a wedding band with diamonds adorning the sides. However, if you’re an out of doors type of person or you work with your hands, a simple metal band with rounded edges is probably your best bet.

Step 4: Choose Your Metal

There are three main metals that are commonly used in the crafting of wedding rings; classic gold, flashy platinum, and trendy palladium.

Traditionally gold has been the metal of choice for weddings, but one downside is often its more delicate nature. In its purest form, yellow, it can be dented easily. And to achieve a white gold, it must be mixed with other alloy metals such as cobalt. Often people who have nickel allergies develop skin irritations when wearing white gold and are better off opting for platinum.

Platinum, once dubbed the only metal fit for royalty, is by far the strongest and most durable choice. Despite its durability, platinum can scratch easily, but since no metal is lost, it can also be buffed out just as easily. But like all things in life, quality costs money, and platinum is also the most expensive choice of metals. Lately when cost is an issue, couples have been turning to a similar metal called palladium.

Palladium comes from the same family of metal as Platinum, and like platinum it has become popular because its natural white color. However, if you’re looking for the same sparkle of white that you get with platinum, look again. Palladium can often become duller over time, requiring a special chemical polish to retain all its luster. And while it is valued for its strength, often this metal is harder to work with when creating your perfect ring.

Mix or match, traditional or trendy, just make sure the ring you choose will suit your individual style. Trying to mesh as a couple could leave you wishing to take a second trip to the jeweler. Much like love itself, we all would rather get it right the first time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wedding Tip #5: How Not to Propose

Gentlemen, now that you have chosen the perfect engagement ring for your soon-to-be-bride, the next obvious step is the proposal. If you found the task of ring selection daunting, take a deep breath, because this is just as important. So to make the brain storming a little less confusing, here a few ways no one should propose anymore.


Hiding the ring in the food: Here is an idea that is just fraught with danger.

Not only has it been done so many times it has crossed the line into being a cliché, but imagine the health hazards, should something go wrong. There have been plenty of reported cases where the girl overlooks the ring in her glass of champagne, chocolate mousse, or, as most recently reported, a Wendy’s milkshake. Two options remain when the worst happens and the ring gets gobbled up; she chokes and someone must perform the Heimlich maneuver, or things go south in a less delightful turn. There are better ways to spend the night celebrating the engagement.

A highly public proposal: You’re asking for trouble.

The idea is that you are so proud of your love that you just want to shout it from the rooftops. But the score board at Madison Square Garden, a party with family and friends, and a crowded restaurant with your waiter standing by, are all places you do not want to take the chance of a lifetime. Not only are you inviting too many other people into a very intimate moment, you are adding pressure to an already stressful situation. People will cheer, service will stop, and all eyes could be on you. Keep this private moment private so the two of you can enjoy your new start together.

Facebook and Twitter: Not OK.

Speaking of public engagements, there is no more public way to live your life than to be on Facebook these days. Twitter allows the rest of the world to be kept up-to-date on what you are doing all the time. These are fun ways to pass the time on the computer, share your pictures with your friends, or keep in touch with college buddies. It is never a good way to pop the question, but as unbelievable as it may seem, there has been an influx of digital proposal in the last two years. March 2nd of 2008 was the first reporting of a Twitter proposal from a couple that traveled constantly. And like so many things in life, the first time is original and only the first time. Make sure to give someone your undivided attention if you want them to feel special, and wouldn’t it be nice to hand them a ring?

Valentine’s Day: The ultimate cliché.

This idea could actually go either way, it could be a way to make this February 14th even more special, or it could be a dead giveaway. If this has never been a hugely celebrated holiday for you two, the minute you make a big fuss the jig will be up. The over the top colored hearts already sets a slightly schmaltzy setting as it is, so why add to the cliché? Nothing says romance and love more than flowers and candy. Actually, an engagement does. So let the cheese stand alone, and give the ring its own special day.

With all other things in a relationship, nobody knows what will be special accept for those involved, and a proposal is no exception. So use or disregard the above information at your own discretion. Do you have a horrible, or hopefully, great proposal story you want to share with us? Log onto our Facebook page and give us the details.

The 2010 Video Music Awards: Not What You’d Expect

The MTV Video Music Awards may have undergone a lot of transformations since its inception during the summer of 1984, but it has always been a source of entertainment and action over the years. And sure, this year we got entertained, but sadly for the first time, action-packed, it was not.

The ceremony, hosted by Chelsea Handler in Los Angeles, was over two hours of the music world’s cool kids preening, presenting, and performing. And despite the fact that MTV has been buttering their bread with reality shows instead of music videos for the past few years, music really saved the night.

Eminem charged the stage in a strong opening act that included a surprise appearance from Rihanna. In reference to last year’s acceptance speech scandal, Kanye West sought absolution with his performance, and Taylor Swift might have provided it with hers.

Other notable moments included appearances by reigning tween phenom Justin Bieber, who displayed his prowess on the drums, and everyone’s favorite bride-to-be, Katy Perry. Perry was sans fiancé, but sported her engagement ring while she reminisced about meeting Comedian Russell Brand at a past VMA ceremony.


Lady Gaga, who has been making wedding headlines, despite the absence of an engagement ring, stole the show with three costume changes and eight wins, including video of the year for “Bad Romance.” The superstar was campaigning for a cause last night, made sure to thank the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, and even got emotional before she broke into song to thank her fans at the end of the night.

But after years of impromptu misbehaving, the stars seemed to be on their best behavior last night; they sat in their seats and actually congratulated the winners. MTV, the once hardcore, generation-in-revolt, culture creator, was walking on egg shells last night. The drunken, raucous, scaffolding climbing, speech slurring, microphone stealing antics for which the VMA’s have become known for, were absent last night. And frankly, so was the interest.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Almost a Decade Later: A 9/11 Wedding?

Saturday marks the 9-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Twin towers fell in New York City, the Pentagon was forever changed in Washington DC, and thousands of people lost their lives on the east coast. After all this time, the date has continued to grow in infamy, not lessen, with many people marking it this generation’s D-Day, or its Kennedy assassination; everyone can recall where they were when they heard the news.

I personally remember being a college freshman in Philadelphia, sitting in biology class amidst an air of panic as other students wondered, not if, but when something would happen next. By the time I got to anthropology, classes were cancelled. I was not in NYC, I was not in DC, but I have my own memories. We all do.

And with almost a decade of morning under our belt, 9/11 will fall on a Saturday for the second time since 2001. The second Saturday in September has always been a popular day for weddings, but the 11th has not. It is widely believed that the 11th of September is a day of mourning for some, reflection for most, and remembrance for everyone. The last time the 11th fell on a Saturday was 2004, and still far too close to be an appropriate day for celebration.

But after so much time has passed, the question now becomes, has it been enough time?

The idea behind exchanging wedding bands on this 11th, would be to take a day that weighs so heavily in the hearts of Americans, and turn it into something happy and joyous.

A recent USA Today article reported that 2,000 more couples will be exchanging vows this Saturday than in 2004, but that the overall numbers for a second Saturday in September are still way down.

There is, after all, a stigma attached to the date. Couples might steer away from the date out of worry that their choice may be offensive to some, but other just might not want to be overshadowed by the 9/11 presence. It is your once and a lifetime big day, and it’s ok to want it to be about you.

However, a counter argument might be that the spirit that has arisen in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks is one of growth and healing, new life, and the cohesive idea of working as one. What better basis for a wedding could there be?

Are you are someone that has planned a wedding on this or any past September 11th, or have attended one? Or maybe you just want to tell us your thoughts or your stories, or just share some memories with us on the eve before this momentous date.

Wedding Planning Tip #4: Get Out of Town With Destination Weddings

The moment you have waited a lifetime for has finally arrived; you have the engagement ring of your dreams from the man of your dreams. And yet times are tough, but does that necessarily mean you should have to compromise on the wedding of your dreams? Destination weddings has been a rapidly growing trend in the last couple of years, and when stacked up against the idea of buying 150 of your closest friends dinner, can be an incredibly enticing idea. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a fun, affordable destination wedding.

Dress, flowers, and even food are all often influenced by where you have chosen to have your wedding and can often be taken care of later in the planning process. But there are a few key things to make sure you get out of the way as soon as possible.

First things first, know thyself. If you’re a bit of a controlling bride, or a hands-on, type A party planner, then the concept of a destination wedding is not for you. You must be able to put yourself and your guests in the hands of people you have never met, at a venue you have likely never been to. If the term “sight unseen” makes you nervous, then you will probably be more comfortable with a wedding that’s a little closer to home.

Second, remember to keep the guest list short and sweet. Determining the number of guests early on will determine your budget as you begin to search for foreign venues and vendors. Only your closest friends and family should be invited or expected to attend. Also, remember to keep it simple for those planning on attending. Some couples offer to pay for their guests hotel stay, others ask that guest’s attendance at the chosen local be their only wedding gift, but however you decide to handle things, a small ceremony is one of the biggest draws of a destination wedding.

Save the date is another phrase that cannot be stressed enough when beginning to plan a destination wedding. Make sure you send them out as far in advance as possible. For guests that are planning on attending, timing is often a make or break factor. If there are certain guests that you want to be sure will be there, save the date cards are a crucial part of the planning process.

Speaking of the date, make sure to choose your big day with the chosen local in mind. If you have decided to be a beach bride, make sure to avoid hurricane season in the late summer months. If a European wedding is more your style, try not to pick a date during peak-tourist season. Avoiding the crowds can often mean less expensive flights and more variety or flexibility when choosing your accommodations.

Our final tip is less of a tip and more of a perk; when having a destination wedding remember to use your environment as your main decoration. Before you make yourself crazy with flower choices, color palettes, and table clothes, remember that less is more and the location you have chosen is more than enough decoration for the big day. Whether you’re below a European mountain range, a small chapel in Arizona, in New York City’s Central Park, or on a tropical beach in Costa Rica relax, enjoy, slide on that wedding ring  and maybe find out what “island time” really means.

An New Engagement Ring for a Dancing Queen: Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash, the Dancing with the Stars alumni and Style Network’s “Clean House” host couldn’t have been happier when she flashed her new engagement ring over the weekend.

The former “Reno 911 star” originally announced her recent engagement to boyfriend Jay Tucker via a Twitter post and “recreated” pictures of the big moment for fans.

Nash told “Entertainment Tonight,” for whom she has just been named this season’s DWTS correspondent, that falling in love was easy, but planning the wedding was the hard part. Something we know a little about.

The television star-turned-dancing-expert has three children from a previous marriage, so is no stranger to planning a wedding, and is already making plans to slip on the wedding ring  in May of 2010.

The couple, who have been together for a year, held a small party for friends and family this weekend to celebrate the upcoming nuptial, where Nash was able to show off her Round cut diamond engagement ring, set inside a halo of smaller diamonds. But as beautiful as her latest diamond accessory is, it couldn’t shine brighter than her smile this weekend.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Tip # 3: When Your Big Day is a Family Affair, Plan a Kid Friendly Wedding

So you got down on one knee and asked her to share your life, or maybe you were the one to say yes, either way now that the engagement ring is on that special finger, the planning has only begun. There are flowers to choose, bands to be auditioned, and guest’s happiness to ensure. Just in case your little flower girl and your tiny ring bearer won’t be the only kids at your wedding, here are some tips on ways to ensure the happiness of your very smallest guests.


Before the festivities begin and the wedding bands  are exchanged, have your ushers hand out coloring books and crayons to your tiny guests. Not only is it an activity that will keep them focused and in their seats, it is quiet. While you are saying your vows the kids will be too busy trying to stay in the lines to fuss or fidget

Did you know that wedding videos are cool again? Well, they are. If some of the kids are slightly older, coloring books might not hold their interest. Think about supplying a flip video or small handhelds and turn your young technology inclined guests into little videographers. Keep the kids entertained and involved while creating another memento of your special day.

A simple game table could make a huge difference if your big day is a family affair. Setting up a table with some board games and playing cards in a quiet corner, is a good way to keep an eye on the young ones and still be able to have your fun too. And board games are fun at every age, so don’t be surprised if some of your slightly older guests make their way over there too.

Speaking of game time, depending on the size and set up of your venue, consider setting up a slightly larger table. There are plenty of companies that rent out a variety of professional grade sports tables like Ping Pong and Foosball, making it easy to create an arcade atmosphere to make sure the kids have just as much fun as the adults. And if you’re looking to ensure a fun and lively vibe, then what better way to do that than renting an Air Hockey table? No one can have a bad time if there is Air Hockey.

If you’re not afraid of a little mess, a DIY dessert table could be perfect for the younger guests to express their creativity. Try a cookie station where they can decorate for themselves, or have cupcakes that they can mix and match with different toppings. See just how colorful the kids can be, but remember to keep sticky hands away from your dress.

Kids are cute, and they look great in wedding photos, but their attention spans are limited. Setting up a few activities ahead of time ensures that your young guests will have a good time, but just as importantly, so will the adults.